Course Form: Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Course Introduction:

Corporate Governance is often one of neglected areas in business management. This has led to some catastrophic failures of the largest and well-known companies. Thorough  understanding, followed by fundamental changes in companies’ policies and long-term strategy is seen as an urgent and necessary step to improve the current situation. Many companies have recently embarked to implement these changes.

Course Aim:

The course teaches how to subsume Corporate Governance within a longer – term transition towards a more sustainable business growth starting with the overall Corporate Governance framework. That  creates a foundation for consolidating operational risk management, corporate governance and CSR initiatives. For innovative, inspired business leaders Corporate Governance is not just a compliance issue but a process that can significantly boost the organisation’s competitiveness, if it is implemented within a coherent business strategy supported by a consistent change programme. This will allow for an autonomous implementation of Corporate Governance and the related Operational Risk and CSR initiatives but within a common framework.


  • Understand compliance rules, principles and values
  • Achieve demonstrable compliance
  • Recognise the cost of compliance
  • Achieve culture and behaviour change
  • Delegates attending should be from the Departments of Legal, Finance, General Management, Regulation, Policy


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