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Executive Training in RDI
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Using innovation to build national competitive advantage

Properly managed innovation can lead to better business outcomes, helping companies to produce products and services that are successful in the market place. Innovation can also help in public services, where creativity can be used to challenge established processes leading to better outcomes, enhanced user satisfaction and reduced costs.

As a small country, Ireland has been forced to be an early mover in adopting innovative practices in order to compete with countries with more established economies. The speed with which the Irish economy has recovered from the recession of 2008-2011 is evidence of how a small country can be agile in creating a supportive environment for business. Learn practical lessons about Ireland’sexperiences in creating an innovative environment for growth.

Master Classes are focussed at managers in the public sector responsible for developing and managing programmes to support innovation in companies and in the research community. The following topics are involved:

  1. Creating a world class research system
  2. Effective links between business and research
  3. Bringing research results to the market
  4. Insights into how companies use innovation to competitive advantage
  5. Evaluation of policies, programmes and projects
  6. Getting the best from international collaboration


Pedagogic Approach

We focus on impact, aiming to give attendees a quick and useful background in the topic, with insights into best practice and the pitfalls which have been experienced by the team. We have been practitioners with long experience of the difficulties of converting the aspiration to be the best into a reality.  Working in a small country with limited resources drives a respect for efficiency and a constant search for effectiveness and impact. We bring that approach to these courses.


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