Course Form: Risk Management

Risk Management

Course Aim

Bringing together a team of expert practitioners and consultants, this 3-day programme will provide you with the knowledge you need to review benchmark and refine operational risk plans within your organisation. The course focuses on both qualitative and quantitive techniques, offering integrated solutions for operational risk and suggesting approaches to the problems that an institution will face in meeting these new demanding requirements.

Course Methodology

The Course will consist of lectures, supplemented by case studies drawn from published real life examples and practical experience. The objective is for participants to fully understand the stages and techniques in implementing an operational risk structure that will meet the demands of your regulator and the Basel Accord as they continue to develop.


  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk Culture and Discipline
  • Credit Risk Management Governance
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Credit Risk Tools/Scoring and Value of Credit Rating
  • Credit Appraisal & Approval Process


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