Course Form: Strategic Investment Promotion & Moving Up the Value Chain

Strategic Investment Promotion & Moving Up the Value Chain
06 - 10 Nov 2017

The aim of this course is to develop a focused strategy leading to your country being a favourable destination fo FDI. The programme will address the key challenges of how to create job opportunities in an increasingly challenging world and to understand the wider role of “Economic Development”. This is an opportunity to identify new trends in the “Value Chain” leading to job creation. It is also an opportunity to develop techniques between linkages and indigenous SMEs and Multinationals leading to increased Exports and Import Substitution. 

The course modules include:

  • Introduction to Corporate Governance structures which complement the Foreign Direct Investment & Enterprise Strategy of the country
  • Global and Corporate Trends in Direct Foreign Investment and understand the wider role of agencies in society
  • Marketing , Branding and Lead Generation
  • Aftercare, Targeting and Tracking
  • Indigenous, SME Business Development and Linkage
  • Incentives & Innovation
  • Project Appraisal & Management
  • Foresight & The Way Forward
  • Business Parks and Cluster Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Role of Free & Economic Zones
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