Course Form: Strategy and Management in Banking

Strategy and Management in Banking
18 - 29 Jun 2018
Dublin/ London
2 Weeks

This programme will assist Bank Executives with the knowledge and tools to tackle increasing challenges from competitors, financial and technological innovations, the development in capital markets and increased pressures which have undermined the foundations of the financial and Banking system in recent times.  This program will cover in detail all of the relevant issues affecting the global financial markets.  The programme is designed for Executives concerned with the management of change, sustainability and corporate governance and the challenges of FinTech. Special focus is given to Strategic Management, Marketing and Management of Risk, Debt Remediation strategies for Non performing Loans, Supervision and the Role of the Regulator, the causes of Bank Failures and the main trends and issues affecting the Financial Markets at present.

Integrated into ‘Strategy & Management’ in Banking is a module on FinTech which represents the technologies disrupting the traditional financial services industry. FinTech which is now recognised as a ‘game changer’ in the Financial Services industry brings with it many benefits but also many challenges for traditional Banks as we know them. To ensure your Bank remains at the cutting edge, this programme will address FinTech in detail and how technologies can benefit your Bank.

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