Short-term IT Expert

IDI is looking for an experienced short-term IT consultant to assist one of our teams in the Middle East. The work will consist of both on-site inputs overseas and off-site inputs over a number of weeks.

The scope of work will include:

• Reviewing systems and providing guidance on the best way to align and integrate various current and planned IT systems.

• Liaising with key stakeholders providing IT infrastructure and associated services.

• Identifying opportunities and risks for the client in implementing the proposed IT systems.

• Developing a comprehensive report that outlines a strategy and road map for the Client to follow to implement the required IT systems envisaged over the next two years.

• Developing a report on the best approach to establish a proposed data warehouse, including a road map and identification of high-level IT systems, software and likely costs.


Experience Required:

• 10+ years in the design and implementation of IT systems.

• Educated to degree level in Computer Sciences or related degree.  Masters preferred.

• Proven experience of implementing IT systems to scale.

• Consulting experience preferred.

• Experience of the Middle East advantageous.


If interested please send your CV to