Innovation and R&D

The world is in a constant cycle of iteration and change driven by advancements in Science, Technology and Innovation. A coherent strategy implemented throughout the last decade within Irish government agencies, such as Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Enterprise Ireland (EI), has enabled an eco-system which responds rapidly and effectively to this change.

Ireland is ranked 1st in the world for research in Nanoscience, 2nd in Computer Science and Immunology, 3rd in Animal and Dairy and 5th in Material Sciences. An independent review by the European Commission shows Ireland to be the most R&D efficient country within the EU, extracting maximum innovation output from public investment in research.

SFI supports Ireland to compete on the international stage, building a reputation as a world leader in science, technology and engineering and attracting leading scientists to work in Ireland. EI provide a range of supports for companies and researchers to assist the development of new technologies and processes leading to job creation with a specific focus on increasing exports.

IDI brings this knowledge and expertise to client projects. Working with IDI experts, who have been instrumental in driving Ireland’s Research, Development and Innovation agenda, ensures a practical approach avoiding many of the strategic and operational pitfalls.

Key Services Offered

  • Support in devising R&D and Innovation funding mechanisms
  • Research programme administration
  • Research funding agency strategy and implementation
  • Intellectual property support
  • Grantmanship support
  • Leveraging the commercial potential of research
  • Development of Technology Centres enabling engagement with industry