Bernadette Carew

Head of Training

Bernadette Carew (BA) heads up the IDI Training Division.  She organises the design and delivery of an annual program of globally-recognised specialist programs in Foreign Direct Investment, Export Development and Banking.  Using her wide network of practitioners with particular skills in group participation and engagement, she also prepares bespoke workshops and conferences for clients both in Ireland and in-country.  IDI courses are designed to ensure clients achieve their personal and organisational goals through a focus on domain expertise combined with personal development aspects, most often in relation to client engagement, motivation, leadership, team development and organisational change. 

Bernadette and her team regularly carry out Training Needs Analyses for clients.  Bernadette’s specific overseas experience includes Asia, Bahrain, Hungary, Mauritius, Poland, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

bernadette.carew [at]