Executive Mentorship and Coaching

Have you recently moved in to a new role in an agency? Even for seasoned managers this is a daunting change. At IDI we match you with managers who have carried out a similar role in Ministries and Government agencies.

Over a period of six months, the mentor acts as a sounding board. Their practical day-to-day experience is invaluable in helping you to anticipate roadblocks and see solutions to the many situations that arise. In unknown territories it can be extremely beneficial to have the support of an experienced executive. Managers who have completed a mentorship cite the ongoing learning over the period as a key benefit.

How it works

Typically, a mentor will spend an initial two hour session to understand your background and your new role. They also explore what you hope to gain from the mentorship. The mentor will then meet with you bi-weekly for six months at an agreed time for an hour.

The mentor does not become involved in organization strategy, advising on organization change or on day-to-day operational decisions that you are responsible for. They are focused on your development as a manager in a new role.

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