How We Work

Our teams of implementation experts deployed globally are highly experienced in economic diversification and institution building across a wide range of sectors.  The majority have worked locally and internationally with economic agencies and specialist institutions.  

They bring this real world experience of anticipating and overcoming the day-to-day challenges of implementation to all IDI projects.  The practitioners have a positive can-do attitude and both mentor and motivate their local counterparts as the Action Plan is delivered.


IDI approaches the majority of assignments using a Strategy to Action Framework (SAF) which is typically delivered in two stages

Stage 1

Action Planning

During this stage the strategy, the context and the existing internal resources are reviewed with the client. This involves:

  • Multidisciplinary IDI Action Planning Team
  • Workshops with Client team to validate strategy, approach and implementation action plans
  • Typically 8 – 16 weeks in duration

A practical action-oriented implementation plan to deliver on the strategy is then created.

The action plan identifies the size of team and the expertise required, given the existing resources, to deliver over the following two to five years. The number of long term resident international experts and the levels of short term specialist inputs are identified.

The action plan sets out a workplan detailing the activities to be undertaken and the key performance indicators.

Stage 2


IDI then provides the required experts to work with client’s counterpart teams to deliver a pre-agreed workplan.  Specialists are carefully chosen and the key selection criteria are:

  • previous practical experience successfully working in the role;
  • broad and deep understanding of the technical area;
  • flexibility to work across multiple areas related to the core discipline;
  • a practical, solutions-oriented approach to implementation; and
  • capacity to work with, mentor and transfer knowledge to local counterparts.


The structure of the overall team is carefully balanced to ensure that the cutting edge knowledge of the younger experts complements the wisdom of the more experienced team members.

A strong back-office support staff provides quality assurance, progress monitoring, logistics, research and technical expertise to the local team throughout the project.