SME Programs

The management and staff of small and medium sized companies are the drivers of job creation, economic growth, exports and innovation in the regions and sectors that you are responsible for developing.One of the most rewarding aspects of economic development is the design and implementation of impactful programs and interventions to support and accelerate SME development and growth.

The IDI Institute has a strong track record in SME program design, company recruitment and selection, program delivery, program management and program evaluation. Our company development programs are designed in partnership with government agencies to address key challenges or opportunities identified within national, regional or sector development strategies. We have worked with clients to deliver;

  • Entrepeneurship and start-up development programs
  • SME strategy and management development programs
  • First time exporter programs
  • Exporter development programs
  • Tourism & hospitality sector up-skilling programs
  • eCommerce activation & acceleration programs.
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