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Middle East


24 Months


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IDI was contracted to work alongside counterparts in an Export Promotion Agency in the Middle East to develop and implement a system to assess the export readiness of their company base, develop a segmentation model, and roll out new service offerings to clients. ​

As part of the assignment the team undertook a benchmark study of good international practices in company export readiness assessment, both online and face to face. ​

Once completed, the initial project was extended to continue the work of assessing the export readiness for the Export Promotion Agency’s company base. Over a 24-month period, the Export Promotion Agency, with the assistance of IDI, met over 200 companies gathering key information and summarizing it in tailored client reports.

– Improved the operating model for In-depth export company assessment ​
– Conducted face-to-face assessments with priority clients​
– Updated and maintained the CRM system ​
– Provided advice to the department responsible for grants and financial incentives​
– Developed an account management model and manual ​
– Delivered on-going mentoring and knowledge transfer interventions to the Export Promotion Agency’s counterparts.