Real Estate Regulatory Authority

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Middle East


3 Years


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IDI was appointed to establish a Real Estate Regulatory Authority in the Middle East.

The four person IDI team;​

  • Worked with a counterpart team to establish the Regulatory Authority to oversee all government functions and responsibilities related to the sector on a turn-key basis
  • Created the legal instruments for the regulation of all sector-related commercial activities
  • Undertook a program of capability building and knowledge transfer so that the Authority would be self-sustaining within three years.​​​
  • Established governance and organisation structures
  • Increased engagement and compliance through communications and greater stakeholder awareness and raised public awareness of real estate regulation
  • Introduced international best practice approaches
  • Strengthened professionalism and competency of real estate service providers
  • Introduced innovative solutions to the provision of escrow by developers
  • Provided guidance to the market and issued resolutions, bulletins, circulars and guides