Economic Zones

Economic Zones (EZs) are an effective mechanism used worldwide to enhance industry competitiveness and attract foreign direct investment (FDI). A well established EZ will develop and diversify the export base, create new jobs, and attract global industry and investment.

The failure or success of an EZ is linked to its policy and incentive framework, where it is located, and how it is developed and managed. IDI has extensive experience working directly with EZs to set up policies and incentives that establish a competitive advantage . We work with the leadership teams in Zones Management companies to successfully create, manage, and develop a vibrant investor friendly environment.

There are currently over 3,000 EZs worldwide.

EZs account for over 68 million direct jobs and $851 billion in export earnings (approximately 40% of global export earnings).

Key Services Offered

  • Identifying the value proposition
  • Advising on the most effective ways of engaging with potential tenants
  • Local and international marketing
  • Screening and selection of potential tenants
  • Ensuring the investor experience through all stages of locating and operating in the Zones is positive
  • Investor aftercare services
  • Setting and enforcing standards for sites, accommodation and supporting physical infrastructure
  • Mentoring and capacity building of Zone Management agency staff
  • Establishment of processes and procedures for Zone management and development
  • Physical development of Zone