Economic Zones

The success or failure of an economic zone depends on its policy and incentive framework, where it is located,, how it is developed and managed and the effectiveness of the outreach to potential tenants.

IDI has extensive experience working directly with zones management companies to set up policies and incentives that establish a competitive advantage . We support the leadership teams as they successfully develop and manage appropriate property solutions, create a vibrant investor friendly environment and establish a clear route for investors through the bureaucracy to becoming established.

We also provide expertise to national Zones Authorities responsible for the development and regulation of zones and, in some cases, licensing of investors.

For Zones management companies we:

  • Develop the key messages for potential tenants (the value proposition) and the evidence to back up claims
  • Advise on the most effective ways of engaging with companies and support local and international marketing
  • Establish processes for screening and selection of potential tenants
  • Map the investor journey so ensure the investor experience through all stages of locating and operating in the Zones is positive
  • Establish a robust approach to investor aftercare services
  • Masterplan the physical development of Zone
  • Set and enforce standards for sites, accommodation and supporting physical infrastructure

For Zones authorities we:

  • Provide the investor perspective on proposed legislation and regulations
  • Create structures for clear communications with and between zones management companies
  • Advise on the most appropriate approach to co-ordinated engagement with companies.