State-owned enterprises

All of IDI’s work is at the interface of the private sector and the public sector – investor attraction, zones management, tourism development.  We leverage our deep understanding of how government works and our knowledge of the private sector to support Ministries and agencies responsible for the management of the portfolio of State-owned enterprises.

We provide teams of experienced sector-specific managers and senior executives to work with local management to restructure their businesses and where necessary get external investment.  Throughout the process we develop local capacity.   

We also support Agencies responsible for transfer of state-owned enterprises to the private sector.

For State agencies responsible for privatisation of state-owned enterprises we:

  • Assess the attractiveness of companies to investors and prioritise groups of companies for different interventions.
  • Engage with individual companies to identify the path to investor readiness
  • Build the knowledge and confidence of management to operate in the private sector
  • Support management in restructuring for greater competitiveness
  • Design and implement programs to address common development needs across groups of companies
  • Develop investment plans and pitches for companies and reach out to potential investors to assess interest
  • Support international investors to navigate the bureaucracy to successfully establish viable businesses.