SME Bank Lending

Course Aim This is course is an introduction on how to build a profitable SME Business. This program will focus on the following and the participant will have an increased understanding of: The Principles of SME Lending The Customer and have basic SME criteria Become familiar with credit portfolio management and credit concentration Risk Increase their […]

Investment Promotion Programs

Recent Investment Promotion Programs were successfully implemented in the following countries: Zambia Botswana Costa Rica Vietnam Southern Africa (SADC) The outcomes of this course include: The development of a focused strategy leading to the country of choice for FDI Project appraisal and incentives Development of a web strategy for attracting investors An understanding of the […]

Regional & Zone Development Workshop

The following topics were covered: Strategic Hubs Facilities – Warehousing & Infrastructure Branding Strategic Business Location Knowlegde of Operating Environment Cargo Handling Enterprise Documentation & Procedures Free Zone Management & Incentives Export Marketing Opportunities Security & Maintenance

SME Development & Innovation

Course Aim On completion of the 4 – day programme, delegates will have: A good working knowledge of the techniques, tools and skills of international marketing and export promotion Increased skills & knowledge of personnel working in SME Agencies and Ministries of Trade and Industry Effective guidlines on innovation and the implementation of new business […]

Design & Management of Pre-Accelerator Programs

Program overview Governments around the world recognize the importance of entrepreneurs and start-up companies as a driver of economic growth, jobs, wealth creation and innovation.  National and regional development agencies and stakeholders have established a range of supports and programs to motivate, assist and accelerate entrepreneurs along their start-up journey including intensive start-up accelerator programs […]

Excel at Export Promotion

 Program overview This program is a 4-day training designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of the techniques, tools and skills required to implement effective export promotion strategies for their country and sector.  The program includes 12 modules (set out below) with 3 modules delivered each day.    Over the course of the program participants […]