Turkey in horizon 2020

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Konrad Nierubiec

Head of Funded Markets




27 Months


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The overall objective is strengthening the capacity of Turkey in the Science, Technology and Innovation and increasing the participation of Turkish researchers and SMEs to the Horizon 2020 Programme.

IDI is responsible for raising awareness of Turkish academia and innovative companies on the Horizon 2020 Programme by delivering a variety of training and coaching sessions to different target groups, facilitating the participation in numerous national and international networking and lobbying events and providing capacity building activities, including proposal writing mentoring. IDI will also prepare a number of manuals, guidelines and handbooks designed to the needs of Turkish stakeholders and will be disseminating relevant and updated information on Horizon 2020 opportunities to a wide audience in Turkey using various IT and Online tools.

For updated information on the Project please visit the website:https://ufukavrupa.org.tr/en/th2020II

  • Leveraging the Existing Information Multipliers System (IMS);
  • Delivering numerous training sessions on H2020 topics across the country (general, thematic, focused groups, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), access to risk finance, proposal writing);
  • Providing direct consultancy to 100 SMEs;
  • Establishing IPR Helpdesk and Helpdesk Facility on Legal and Financial Issues;
  • Providing Proposal Evaluation Services before Actual Evaluation;
  • Organisation of International Brokerage Events in Istanbul and Brussels;
  • Financial support for Turkish researchers to the participation in international networking events, consortium building and lobbying activities;
  • Preparation, printing and dissemination of IPR Handbook and Legal & Financial Guidelines;
  • Development of IT and Online Tools;
  • Communications & visibility activities.