R&D and Innovation

A coherent strategy implemented over the last 20 years within Irish government agencies, including Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Enterprise Ireland (EI), has created a dynamic research eco-system in Ireland.  Synergies across industries and academic institutions means the public investment in research results in high innovation output.

IDI brings this knowledge and expertise to government agencies responsible for developing and enhancing national R&D systems . Working with IDI experts, who have been involved in the practical build out of of Ireland’s Research, Development and Innovation ecosystem, means many of the common strategic and operational pitfalls can be avoided.

For agencies responsible for developing the national R&D ecosystem, we:

  • Advise on organisation structure, activities, roles and performance management
  • Support management to design initiatives to leverage the commercial potential of research
  • Develop Technology Centres to enable effective engagement with industry

For research funding agencies we:

  • Develop and implement action plans to establish agencies or new programs
  • Design R&D funding mechanisms appropriate to the national context
  • Support management to align activities with a national research strategy
  • Design structures for effective engagement with individual researchers and research-performing organisations
  • Provide support to researchers on applying successfully for grants nationally and internationally