Investment Attraction

Foreign Direct Investment is a key enabler of local economic activity through transfer of capital, skills and technology.  IDA Ireland has become a world renowned organisation for the effectiveness of is investor attraction teams.  Globally significant clusters of companies in pharmaceuticals, technology, medical devices and financial services have been created in Ireland over the last 40 years.  These in turn have enabled the growth of a strong base of local companies capable of operating in international markets.

IDI benefits from the wealth of local talent and knowledge in investor attraction.  These experienced executives mentor and coach peers in agencies internationally on investor messaging and outreach.

For investment attraction agencies, we :

  • Advise on organisation structure, activities, roles and performance management
  • Instil an investor-centric culture and work to embed it into all agency processes and procedures
  • Liaise with utilities companies, regulatory agencies, customs authorities and labour bureaus to streamline the investor journey to becoming established and improve the investor experience.
  • Identify profile of companies where the strategic objectives match what the location has to offer
  • Coach team members on investor engagement, investor negotiations, investor on-boarding and investor aftercare
  • Support senior management teams to assess the economic impact of investments
  • Support senior management to develop incentives packages which resonate with target investors and are proportionate to the economic impact.
If you are interested in working with IDI, please contact us to organise a no-commitment scoping workshop with one of our investment attraction experts.