R&D and Innovation

Regulation grows steadily in importance in emerging economies as the private sector becomes increasingly involved in delivering products and services to the general public at home and abroad. The government is best positioned and has an important role to protect both the public and other players in any sector.

A regulatory authority must be, and be seen to be, transparent, fair and credible.  To be effective  the State; the companies in the sector and the public, must have confidence that regulatory decisions are made on an objective, impartial and consistent basis, without conflict of interest, bias or improper influence.

IDI has been able to combine its deep knowledge of how to establish Government agencies with its understanding of the private sector to establish and manage regulatory authorities which have gained the confidence of the sector

For Ministries responsible for regulating specific sectors we:

  • Set up and manage regulatory authorities with a view to handing over to a local team within 3 years
  • Support local management to set standards, monitor against those standards and, where standards are not maintained, apply sanctions
  • Design and roll out interventions including training, guides, awareness and inspections to ensure standards are maintained within the sector
  • Design and implement a transparent and a robust appeals process.
  • Build capacity among Board members and the senior management team to carry out their roles effectively.