SME development

Small and medium sized enterprises are the backbone of any economy. They contribute significantly to innovation-led economic growth and job creation.

IDI is deeply experienced at designing and strengthening the agencies working with SMEs. The focus is consistently on agency structures to improve the performance and competitiveness of companies.

We also work with SME development agencies to  roll out programs for ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups, growing SMEs and companies seeking to scale for global markets.

For Ministries and SME senior management we:

  • Support the establishment of new agencies and programs
  • Advise on systems for allocating resources for maximum impact
  • Advise on organisation structure, activities, roles and performance management

For SME agencies, we support staff to design and deliver:

  • A broad portfolio of services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies
  • Start-up and SME finance products
  • Accelerator and incubator programs
  • Initiatives to drive technology transfer and innovation

For companies supported by SME agencies, we design and deliver :

  • Mentor programs
  • Grow and scale programs